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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

WHY NAKED???? I wish I had a quarter for every time I get that question...WHY NOT???

The #1 question, I always get when talking about my class, "Bringing Sacredness to Nakedness™️," is WHY NAKED? I'm actually inspired to write a book one day, intimately discussing the freedom I've acquired, in my experience as the Naked Yoga Goddess...Honestly, there are many ways I've answered this question, depending on who I speak to and how Spirit guides me... 😊 There's the deep, intimate, look into my soul revealing, answer....which I prefer to answer face-to-face or that answer can be read in my published writing. Another reason is political and social....I created a container for women to explore and celebrate their body without anyone's objectification and projection. 😊 Why Naked? The sisterhood!!! The beauty and connection that happens at EVERY class BEING fully seen AND heard in the body by other women. Nothing to hide so we don't....We become lovely flowers in the garden. 😊 Why Naked? Because it removes the fake ass borders on our body, elastic creates. Our body is our body....we are not sections called the stomach, arms, legs, creating subtle dissension within--As within so without. We are all one and the same naked. 😊 Why Naked? Never under estimate how celebrating our human anatomy can also create an appreciation for the function of the body. It's all about form and function...if your form functions BE grateful and massage yourself in Honey and Sweet Oils. 😊 Why Naked? Because our soul desires for its home to be nourished and loved, safely and freely. If it's not all about our bodies than remove the false labels and passive aggressive expressions of material status, remove the fear of being wholly seen and heard. Remove the belief that you are safe by cotton and silk fabrics. Awaken to who your soul wants you to reveal. The clothes DO NOT MAKE US... 😊 WHY NAKED? To experience what we are made of, just like everything in nature....that's naked and unafraid.

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