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Naked Yoga Goddess...The Pleasured Mom...Kim OR all of the above?

One of the main reasons it took years to launch my website was because I couldn't figure out how to express myself. Do I talk about being a mother of four and all the pleasure and pain in motherhood...yes it's both pleasure and pain and do I have an infinite amount of stories about Mommy adventures. Or do I show up as the self loving, high priestess who loves to hang out in the Etheric realm with her spiritual guides and angels? Perhaps I would just use my government name and be the umbrella to all my brands, business and personas. UGH!!! I couldn't figure it out. So I stopped thinking so much about making a choice, as to who I was, and instead started working on BEING ALL of who I am--The Nudist, The Yogini, The Mother, and The Seer..."Either, or" is not for me, I found my expansion, my whole SELF expression, in the "both, and."

The "Both, And," is my Happy place. I realized I have always enjoyed moving in and out of all sorts of worlds and states of Being. In fact it is kinda my super power to adapt and surrender to many parts of myself. I use to be so afraid of that sort of surrender. Partially, because it would mean I have to admit there's more. More can be exhausting...more to learn, do, see GAH who needs more on full plate. And then I slow down take a breath and remember I am alive and I totally signed up to live.

In fact, I was born do be it ALL. I have been blessed to do a lot of healing in areas where my Ego is causing me to be "sick." MyEgo if I am not aware can cause dis-ease in my body, mind, and energy. Injecting me with fear and doubt. I work betterAll...why not? So at last I went with The Naked Yoga Goddess the domain name was available and it's provocative. Plus that name expresses so much of what I'm doing in the world. I hope you take this ride with me!!It should be fun!!!

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