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Inversion Chair vs Yoni Steam Chair

There are different opinions and research around Vaginal Steaming also known as Yoni Steaming and before you decide to try this at home make sure you've done your due diligence to understand this age old practice safely and intelligently. You don't want any issues with your Vagina, she is too important to risk her health and wellness. This is my personal opinion and by no means based on medicine or science.

I had my first Yoni Steam many years ago at a day spa and it was amazing!! WHY? It was an awesome release. I felt warmth in places where the sun don’t shine, as the old adage goes. It felt like an internal hug, and I was hooked. I love sensations, and the more variety the better. I especially like the sensation of warmth on my skin and inside my the warmth of the first sip of tea as it makes it way down my throat. The sensation feels alive and knowing as if it is taking its time, lingering and hitting all my spots. Even the ones I didn't know needed hittin'. Warmth moves slowly and that reminds me to slow down and take my time, to linger, take up space, know I'm wanted and seduce my moment in time with full presence. I don't want to control the way I'm being warmed. I just desire warmth. And that was my first time having my Yoni steamed... How could I do this all the time...consistent and regularly? When I looked up all the home Spa supplies like the bench, gown, herbs, bowl, etc. it didn't seem as pleasurable. I love convenience, if convenience was a love language it would be mine. Gathering and pricing all the various materials for a home Yoni steam seemed tiring and cumbersome and I didn’t mind paying for the luxury of a Day Spa. Until The Pandemic descended and closed down all of New York...the WORLD. All the spas were closed and I missed having my yoni steam. This bit of cherishing mySelf paled in comparison to all the sadness going on around me, even more reason to allow my body to indulge in pleasure. Who knew a recent Christmas gift from my sweet children was my answer twice over!!!

I’ve practiced Yoga for about 20 years, taught for over 10 years, and would you believe I’ve only recently started a regular consistent inversion practice in my 40s...well, I can’t believe it!! I guess that’s why I kept closing my eyes when I started going upside down. The shock and disbelief of it all, I chuckled at myself because not even my eyes being closed was going to stop me. A handstand was in my future!! My 4 children put their allowance together and for Christmas they bought me an inversion chair from Amazon! I love it and I use it everyday. The best part is I keep my eyes open the whole time I’m inverting. It is a multipurpose tool that helps with inversions, you can also use it as a chair and do some really great core strengthening also. As I’m practicing in the nude I sat on the chair and noticed the opening to put your head through the inversion chair was perfect for a pot of herbs to be placed just so for a Yoni steam. The next thing you know I place a couple of orders with hope in my heart and it is easy and effortless. I am enjoying my Yoni steam right in the comfort of my home in front of my sacred altar...Priceless!!

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