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I grew up in the South and I loved it. A lot of good food, friendships, church and family. I always thought when I had my children I had to raise them in the South if I wanted to raise them "right." But that didn't happen and they are growing up city kids. I will say that the mature, kind, loving way they think about situations have everything to do with living in Brooklyn. God always knows best...Infinite Intelligence.

I am so proud my children have been exposed to people, places, and things I didn't get to be exposed to, until college or an adult. Beautiful exposure to different family structures, dynamics, and ways of loving, different types of cultures, foods, expression and religions; different ways to circulate wealth in the world; different countries and about breaking generational curses!!!! Plus most of the decisions and places were inspired by my own pleasures. Now my children are allies to me and the world.

I am writing this post to ask parents please don't shelter your children allow them to live in this world. To observe it-without absorbing it. They won't absorb the pain and suffering because they are loved by you. Connection to other people I believe begins with Self, then family, then friends, then those you don't know...Strong loving relationships with Self and your children ripples throughout time space and dimension. Spend time really listening to your children, teens, family members and I bet there is more healing and love needed there than what is going on in the world.

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