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I began practicing Yoga in 2000 in my living room watching Rodney Ye DVDs. In other words, a long time ago! This was the only way I could afford a Yoga practice at the time and the videos inspired a new way of focus, thought and lifestyle. 



Today, I hold certifications in both Hatha and Vinyasa 

Yoga. The two practices allow me to hold and flow, 

an awesome way to access my flexibility and strength;

and the full range of my body.

Since beginning my Yoga journey, I also started various healing practices, such as being The Pleasured Mom. A new way to parent which teaches mothers to leave behind old paradigms of mothering through sacrifice and martyrdom and, instead, mother from a place of self care, self intimacy, and self love. I've also learned to use nature and my empathic ability to feel and create a tried and true Self healing practice using RADIANT, a flower essence I co-created, and Transformational Intuitive Coaching. Transformational Intuitive Coaching is one-on-one support resulting in dramatic changes in work, relationships, health and wellness of the body. This program is inspired by deep mystical connections revealed through energy, spiritual, and shadow work.


My most recent endeavor - Bringing Sacredness To Nakedness™️ is a nude yoga class for female bodied people to remember we are Divine by Design and teaches us to BE naked and invulnerable. A key component in Bringing Sacredness to Nakedness™️ is Naked Yoga Healing. This is a Transformational Intuitive Coaching tool I used after the sudden loss of my mother in 2014. Shadow Mirror work, shedding everything that did not serve me and letting go of old shame and fear became the way I overcame pain, grief, anxiety, and depression felt after my mother’s transition. Naked Yoga became about fully loving the skin I'm in - every curve, scar, blemish, and every perfect “imperfection.” It was on my Yoga mat where I learned to slow down and look at life, pose by pose, one Asana at a time.


I believe the union of mind, body, and breath keeps me connected, rooted, and open to all of who I am.

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