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Bringing Sacredness to Nakedness™️

The Body is Divine by Design... 

The Human Body is a portal that every Human Being must pass through before beginning their physical journey on Earth. The Body is a glimpse of Divinity in the flesh. It is the Temple where each and every Human Being may find God, the Universe, and Truth.

Bringing Sacredness To Nakedness™️ is a metaphorical container for students to feel safe shedding layers of EVERYTHING that does not serve them. It is where balance between external and internal energies can be achieved. Bringing Sacredness To Nakedness™️ is a time when different body types celebrate their curves by candlelight. 

This experience is dedicated to encouraging practitioners to begin having intimate conversations with their bodies. Bringing Sacredness To Nakedness™️ is a healing modality for past trauma. The class provides a space where students can feel Safe, Loved and Free to BE naked and invulnerable-while also exploring the functionality of their form compassionately, lovingly, and with total approval.

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